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Bulkley River Rec Site welcomes more world travellers


Along the Bulkley River Rec Site Trails is a mystery!  A stash of peanuts, unopened, sits at the base of a conifer tree, whose lower branches have been removed!  Any ideas?

Geo-caching at the Rec Site

  Winter walks offer great opportunities to get outside, and these can be even more fun if you’re looking for geo-caches. The Bulkley River Rec Site has at least 9 (and more can be added at any time), including one

BVBackpackers’ February Snowshoe Trek at BRRS

Winter Trail-clearing at the Bulkley River Rec Site

Rayner and Daryl, flummoxed by where the next Boat Pull-out is!

Geocaches and Warblers

My friend and I had a lovely time exploring the recreation site. Found several of the geocaches, saw warblers and other birds and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Can’t wait to come back and explore the river trail. Thanks for all the

Late winter hike and bonfire at Picnic Site, BRRS

Warm, sunny day with snow packed sufficiently that only boots were required.  Walked most of the trails, then lit a bonfire at the picnic site along the river.  Delicious, hearty, healthy shared food around the picnic table.  A lovely way

Rec Site Work Bee

Five volunteers spent Saturday afternoon at the Rec Site, mowing trails and campsites.  If you are able to help out for a few hours, all those who use the trails will benefit.

Chalet Comfort

At what temperature would you feel most comfortable when using the chalet for a “ski cabin” 50* ; 60* or 70* F? (posted on behalf of aztec)