Hall Bookings 2014

Just a heads up to potential bookers of Round Lake Hall.  Prime weekends are going fast for 2014!  There are 3 weekends in July 2014 still available and only 1 weekend left in August.  I am thinking we should start having weddings on other days of the week like they do in Holland!  In any case, if you are thinking of booking with RLCA next summer, please get in touch with me so we can get the paper work done!  Judy at 250-846-5296 or 250 877 1422  vdmroundlk@bulkley.net

One comment on “Hall Bookings 2014
  1. Judy van der Meulen says:

    There are no weekends left to book for July/August 2014 but…..have you ever thought of a mid week wedding?! We may have a deal for you!!

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