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  • Fresh Updates to our Website!
    Fresh Updates to our Website!

    Thank you so much for your patience as we overhauled the website for Round Lake Community Association. It was definitely needed, and we are excited to show all the many updates and information we added. First thing is, we now have the event calendar up and running! You can find it easily on the Menu…

  • Trails Renewed
    Trails Renewed

    Come to the Bulkley Valley Rec Site (Highway 16 & West End Road) to see the renewed trails. A recent Wedzinkwa Community Forest Grant allowed us to hire Rick Leffers who did a great job of widening the trails and building 2 bridges.

  • Steelhead Fishing on the Bulkley River
    Steelhead Fishing on the Bulkley River

    Steelhead fishing on the Bulkley River is an exhilarating experience that draws anglers from around the world. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Bulkley River is renowned for its incredible steelhead population, making it a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts. The river’s pristine waters and scenic surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a thrilling fishing…


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