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Steelhead fishing on the Bulkley River

A sweet August evening at Round Lake

Monday evening at Round Lake. A family from Vancouver with kids paddling and fishing on water craft and playing on the floating dock. A local horseback rider passing by. All this peaceful recreation set against a backdrop of billowing smoke

Visitor RevelDogs, ticking off another geocache at the Bulkley River Rec Site

Summer Solstice, 2018

Round Lake Hall work bee, May 26

10 hearty volunteers posted 50 hours of labor, improving the grounds of Round Lake Hall.  Clean windows, re-installed pathway, renovated fireplace, mowed lawns, hillside and beach and a new perennial garden.  It looks grand…come on out and enjoy it!  

Bulkley River Rec Site welcomes more world travellers

And so our adventure begins…

A wedding at Round Lake Hall signals the beginning of a new life together

Round Lake Hall, in a sea of yellow

Khyrin and Nick enjoy snow and bonfire at Rec Site (but have to work for it!)

SOAR 2017 Girl Guides spend a day working at the Bulkley River Rec Site

Thirty-five Girl Guides, from 4 nations, brought their enthusiasm and energy to the Bulkley River Rec Site during their International SOAR week-long Campout.  As one tenet of Guiding is to help others, the girls, with their Guiding leaders and a

5th Annual Round Lake Paddle, Potluck and Music by the Lakeshore

The highlight of the event was the little kids, inspired by large quantities of horsetail and white lilacs, creating ‘floral art’ on the windshields of every vehicle.  The displays were accompanied by messages to all dads:  Happy Father’s Day!

Saw-whet owl along Widzin’kwa Trail, photo by Ruth Wilkinson during Backpackers’ Hike

Spring orchids

Fairyslipper orchid on Widzin’kwa Trail

World-wide travellers stop at Bulkley River Rec Site

Quick families enjoy winter at the Rec Site trails


Along the Bulkley River Rec Site Trails is a mystery!  A stash of peanuts, unopened, sits at the base of a conifer tree, whose lower branches have been removed!  Any ideas?

Geo-caching at the Rec Site

  Winter walks offer great opportunities to get outside, and these can be even more fun if you’re looking for geo-caches. The Bulkley River Rec Site has at least 9 (and more can be added at any time), including one

4th Annual Summer Solstice Paddle, Potluck and Music on the Lakeshore

Over 50 came to Round Lake on Saturday, June 18, to paddle in the lake, share a sumptuous dinner together and then spend the sweet summer evening enjoying the sounds of music, as the children played in the water or

Honeycomb, in fallen cottonwood, along the Bulkley River

Trail-clearing, after the windstorm