Winter Season Update

The center of our community, Round Lake Hall, has been bustling with activity over the winter season of 2011 – 2012. The return of coffee houses enhanced by delicious dinners has been the “talk of the town!” Young ones are making new memories as they navigate the called dances and stomp to the tune of fiddles at the family dances. The hall continues to be a sought after place by prospective wedding couples. One can see one of the matriarchs of the hall, Nan Bourgon, nodding her head and smiling as this historic hall continues to serve the community.

The Bulkley Valley Recreation site that has paths winding its way down to the Bulkley River has also been a very successful endeavour. All the hard work of planning, mapping and clearing trail is worth it when one sees the many entries in the guest book that is kept in the chalet.

It is community volunteer help that continues to make our area such a great place to live and a big thank you to all who help in small and large ways.

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