Upcoming Events

We certainly appreciate all the feedback that we get about community events at Round Lake Hall.  The dinners and coffee houses have been outstanding and even though New Year’s may have been a bit “laid back”, it was still a congenial atmosphere and kudos again to Al and Evelyn from Quick Eats for such an outstanding meal!  In January if you stop by the hall, you will see alot of quilting being done by Heather and her friends. We have scheduled a “tech” potluck and practice where we hope to familiarize ourselves with more of the items we have for rent such as the proxima and sound system.  Details are on the Round Lake calendar.  You won’t want to miss the Coffee House on February 16th…again details on the calendar.

There is a skating rink on the lake by the hall that we hope will survive the upcoming thaw.  A shovel is kept handy to those willing to do a bit of excercise!  Happy winter!


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