Round Lake Community Association had its beginning in 1921.  This was the year that the community moved the old Fidel Hotel across the frozen Bulkley River to its present location as a community hall  on the shores of Round Lake, 7 kilometers east of Telkwa, B.C. 

 In those days, it was the Women’s Community Club who oversaw the happenings and the original cornerstone bears testimony to their hardwork.  During one of the renovations, a time capsule inserted by the women was discovered and its contents are kept in the Telkwa museum for safe keeping. 

Quick Church has a history, which began in Hubert, now a “ghost town”. One story is of a Christmas Party in Hubert. Settlers from miles around were invited to a party which was held in the disused Hotel. There was a wonderful dinner and much gaiety. When the babies had all been laid to sleep on the floor above, the company wanted to start dancing but there was no music to dance to. Someone had the bright idea to go over to the church and borrow the organ, a small affair easy to move. This was done, and the organ gave a great deal of enjoyment before it returned to its proper uses.  (Hilary Wearne, writer)

The hotel in the above story became Round Lake Hall, after being taken down and moved across the frozen Bulkley River. St John Divine Anglican church was also moved and now stands at the corner of Highway 16 and Quick West Road. Services are still held there most months, generally on the 4th Sunday of the month at 2 p.m.. Visitors are welcome to join in the services, but please double check with Mel 846-5649, or Dee at 847-6155 in case of a change. . The Church is also available for weddings (conducted by an ordained priest of any Christian denomination) at a $150 fee.

The church is always open, so visitors are invited to drop in for a quiet moment of contemplation, or to see the lovely interior and the pump organ. Please sign the visitor book.

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