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E-Transfer Payment Option

E-transfer option is now available for rental payments, memberships and donations. Send e-transfer payments to

New Website Upgrade Complete

The new and improved RLCA website is now up and running! Check out If the page you get looks the same as the old website, then you need to refresh/reload your page to bring up the new site. Also, if

BVBackpackers’ February Snowshoe Trek at BRRS

Winter Trail-clearing at the Bulkley River Rec Site

Wedding vows, Round Lake-style

Summer Solstice, 2015

Between canoeing, sharing potluck and listening to fine music on the lakeshore, about 40 Bulkley Valley folk (and Mark and Diane, from Alberta) celebrated Round Lake Community Association’s 3rd Annual Summer Solstice Paddle, Potluck and Sing-along on June 21, the

Round Lake Work Bee

Cor and Daryl installing posts for the new hand-railing; Leslie pulling weeds from the lake; and 95-year old Paul Yeker, sharpening his scythe to cut grass around the hall.    

Missing Kitten

Hayla Jeffrey asks those who are walking the Rec Trails to keep their eye open for their little grey kitten who went AWOL from their cabin near the trails.

Visitors from Afar

Atsuko, from Tokyo, Japan, walking the Rec Site Trails on a glorious, sunny autumn day and a Finnish fly-fisher, casting in the clear waters of the Bulkley River, at the Rec Site


Thanks to the Middleton Wakefield gang for choosing Round Lake Hall for their reunion this summer!  The weather was wonderful and the hall and grounds were just right for them.

Rayner and Daryl, flummoxed by where the next Boat Pull-out is!

Geocaches and Warblers

My friend and I had a lovely time exploring the recreation site. Found several of the geocaches, saw warblers and other birds and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Can’t wait to come back and explore the river trail. Thanks for all the

Performers at the April 5th Coffeehouse

Still A Chance

We have had a couple of weekends open up for bookings at Round Lake Hall over the summer.  By clicking on the calendar on the main website, you can check which ones they are.  We think it is a pretty

Late winter hike and bonfire at Picnic Site, BRRS

Warm, sunny day with snow packed sufficiently that only boots were required.  Walked most of the trails, then lit a bonfire at the picnic site along the river.  Delicious, hearty, healthy shared food around the picnic table.  A lovely way

Jan 11 Coffeehouse performers

Christmas Eve hockey game at Round Lake

The performers at the first coffeehouse of the season Nov 9th 2013.


Hall Bookings 2014

Just a heads up to potential bookers of Round Lake Hall.  Prime weekends are going fast for 2014!  There are 3 weekends in July 2014 still available and only 1 weekend left in August.  I am thinking we should start

Rec Site Work Bee

Five volunteers spent Saturday afternoon at the Rec Site, mowing trails and campsites.  If you are able to help out for a few hours, all those who use the trails will benefit.

Summer Solstice Paddle and Potluck

Join other community members for the 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Paddle and Potluck DInner on Sunday, June 23, 2013.  Plan to paddle any time during the day or evening.  Potluck dinner starts at 5:30 pm.  Please bring generous portions of

RLCA Budget Process

The Round Lake Community Association is planning a budget for the upcoming year. Is there anyone who would like to contribute some ideas to this process? (posted on behalf of aztec)

Chalet Comfort

At what temperature would you feel most comfortable when using the chalet for a “ski cabin” 50* ; 60* or 70* F? (posted on behalf of aztec)

New Registration Procedure

Because of the increasing number of invalid registrations you now must submit a request  to if you would like to be a registered user of our blog (see RLCA User Help for more info). In the email please include:

RLCA Event Calendar Upgrade

The calendar was upgraded to a new version and is now at a different address. If you have an existing bookmark for the calendar please update it with the new address If you use the old address it will automatically

Coffee Houses

Over the years, RLCA has hosted many coffee houses and kudos to Eric Anderson and Zita Conway who got us started on this journey.  The latest coffee house at Round Lake Hall with Back Road Home and Juanita McIntyre played

Sunny Sunday Afternoon on Round Lake

Krista, from Telkwa, was on the lake with her family. Her small daughter had never stood on ‘frozen water’, so out to Round Lake they came to try that new experience. Jim brought his small daughter, Hannah, so they could

Upcoming Events

We certainly appreciate all the feedback that we get about community events at Round Lake Hall.  The dinners and coffee houses have been outstanding and even though New Year’s may have been a bit “laid back”, it was still a

New Year’s Eve

  Picture this…an almost 100 year old cozy community hall… authentic East Indian buffet…great music that you can’t resist dancing too….all this with your family and friends surrounding you.  If you want to be part of this picture, get your

Dinner and Dance

Round Lake Hall was the venue for a very successful dinner and dance last Saturday. An East Indian buffet style dinner was served up by Al and Evelyn. Tickets were sold out almost a week before the event. The hall

Winter Season Update

The center of our community, Round Lake Hall, has been bustling with activity over the winter season of 2011 – 2012. The return of coffee houses enhanced by delicious dinners has been the “talk of the town!” Young ones are

Quick Bridge Update

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) continues with engineering work for the possible replacement of Quick Bridge, 35 km E of Smithers. The replacement decision is based on the age of the existing timber structure as well as the

Quick Bridge Meeting

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) met with the residents and interested parties of the Quick/Round Lake areas at the Round Lake Hall on October 19th. Ministry representatives included: Mike Lorimer (District Manager) Ed Cienciala (Bridge Engineer) Carl Lutz