Year: 2014

Visitors from Afar

Atsuko, from Tokyo, Japan, walking the Rec Site Trails on a glorious, sunny autumn day and a Finnish fly-fisher, casting in the clear waters of the Bulkley River, at the Rec Site


Thanks to the Middleton Wakefield gang for choosing Round Lake Hall for their reunion this summer!  The weather was wonderful and the hall and grounds were just right for them.

Rayner and Daryl, flummoxed by where the next Boat Pull-out is!

Geocaches and Warblers

My friend and I had a lovely time exploring the recreation site. Found several of the geocaches, saw warblers and other birds and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Can’t wait to come back and explore the river trail. Thanks for all the

Performers at the April 5th Coffeehouse

Still A Chance

We have had a couple of weekends open up for bookings at Round Lake Hall over the summer.  By clicking on the calendar on the main website, you can check which ones they are.  We think it is a pretty

Late winter hike and bonfire at Picnic Site, BRRS

Warm, sunny day with snow packed sufficiently that only boots were required.  Walked most of the trails, then lit a bonfire at the picnic site along the river.  Delicious, hearty, healthy shared food around the picnic table.  A lovely way

Jan 11 Coffeehouse performers